8 Times EXO Chen Slays The Stage With His Powerful Out-of-this-world Vocal

8 Times EXO Chen Slays The Stage With His Powerful Out-of-this-world Vocal

With an emotional voice, unbelievable low and high notes that can take on all genres, Chen (EXO) is often considered as...

With an emotional voice, unbelievable low and high notes that can take on all genres, Chen (EXO) is often considered as the "Vocal King" of the 3rd generation of K-Pop. In this article, let's bless our ears again with Chen's 8 outstanding performances.

The duet 'Really I Didn't Know' with Baekhyun at 'Immortal Song 2'

Baekhyun and Chen's cover of 'Really I Didn't Know' was included in the list of the best performances in Immortal Song's history. While Baekhyun was gentle, Chen was torn, both delivered a stage full of emotions.


Although they were the last two members to complete EXO's lineup, Chen and Baekhyun with their talents quickly became the most popular idols in K-Pop.


His first OST 'Best Luck' at tvN 'APAN STAR AWARDS'

At the 2014 APAN STAR AWARDS, Chen brought to the audience and fans the song Best Luck, the OST of the drama 'It's Okay, That's Love'. Of course, Chen did not let his fans down, as the male singer performed Best Luck as fully and emotionally as possible.


Although before singing, Chen expressed his nervousness, the male singer took a deep breath and then owned the song. His fellow EXO member D.O. was so proud he can be seen all smiling in the audience.

The impressive hidden act at 'King of Masked Singer'

On the show 'King of Masked Singer', Chen transformed into a "guitar guy" to compete. He sung 2 songs, and both made the guests and the audience at the show fluster. Especially in the song 'Drunken Truth', the singer proved that he wasn't only good at high notes, but also very low notes.


Although the audience did not recognize Chen at that time, this confirmed that his voice was what made he shine the most. The performance also gave him a lot love from non-fans and the public.


He sang 'Tears' with original female key at 'Knowing Bros'

In the gameshow, Chen showed off his powerful voice by covering the song 'Tears' by So Chan Whee. This is an iconic and extremely difficult song to sing, but as expected of one of the top vocalists of K-Pop, Chen was able to slay the song in the shock of the 'Knowing Bros' cast.


When he did a high note battle with Onestar in 'May We Bye'

Onestar is a very capable singer and when he collaborated with another talented singer, Chen, we have a splendid party of vocals. The two continuously fascinated listeners with their trademark high notes and give everyone goosebumps.


A little problem and how he fixed it in the "robot" stage at MAMA 2016

At MAMA 2016, EXO impressively performed their song 'Transformer' with the robot concept. However, Chen unexpectedly had a problem with his outfit (his pants were ripped) and had difficulty performing, but the male singer handled the problem very professionally and continued to show off his powerful voice.



Chen clearly eats CDs for his breakfast to sing 'Beautiful Goodbye' at a busking session

'Beautiful Goodbye' is Chen's most popular solo song. At the time of its release, this song dominated the digital music charts with impressive achievements. Thanks to Chen's beautiful voice, the song easily conquered the hearts of everyone.


Chen's live performance of the song at one of his busking sessions is just as great as the studio version. Many people even think that the live version is many times better than the studio version.


'Lights Out' - The blessing at 'EXO PLANET #5 EXplOration'

Even the EXO members had to praise Chen for this performance, with Chanyeol calling it the "final boss" of all the stages Chen had done. The gentle melody, healing lyrics and Chen's angelic voice combined made him the "bias wrecker" for every fan in that concert.


We know there are a lot more of Chen's great performances out there, but these 8 are enough to prove his immense talent, right?