MBC’s ‘King of Masked Singer’ is one of the most popular music competition shows in South Korea. Here, the contestants will wear different masks to hide their true faces. They will then perform various songs and only when eliminated will their masks be taken off to reveal their identities. This is often considered the best place for idols to prove their talents, as well as for the public to appreciate the singing ability of idols. Therefore, to join the show, the K-Pop idols must possess good vocals and stable live performance skills.


Here are 10 K-Pop idols whose performances on ‘King of Mask Singer’ have attracted the most views on YouTube after their videos were posted on the broadcaster’s official channel. Let’s see who they are.

NO.10. EUNJI (APINK) – Love Rain (3.4 million views)

Eunji participated in ‘King of Masked Singer’ under the nickname ‘Mother said Nope to UV’. During the broadcast, Eunji won all 3 rounds of the show and went straight to the final round to challenge the ‘Mask King’ at that time. In the end, however, she was unable to defeat this person. However, her outstanding achievements and the powerful performances of the female idol have also brought her great attention.

NO.9: BOMI (APINK) – Atlantis Princess (3.8 million views)

Bomi participated in ‘King of Masked Singer’ under the nickname ‘Barney Barney’. Unfortunately, she had to stop in the first round and had to reveal her identity when performing the song ‘Atlantis Princess’. This performance touched many viewers’ hearts and showed a completely different image of the female idol. Although Bomi had to leave the show early, she did enough to surprise the public as they realized that Eunji is not the only Apink member who possesses a commendable voice.

NO.8: KIM JAEHWAN – Don’t Touch Me (4.2 million views)

Kim Jaehwan participated in ‘King of Masked Singer’ under the nickname ‘Royal Guard’. Here, the male idol excellently passed all 3 rounds and participated in the battle against the ‘Mask King’ from the previous episode. Kim Jaehwan couldn’t win the crown, but his performances were praised for being ‘classy’ and ‘rich in emotions’, causing the public at that time to have a completely different view of the Wanna One member’s ability.

NO.7: KYUHYUN (SUPER JUNIOR) – Wild Flower (4.3 million views)

In 2015, Kyuhyun participated in ‘King of Masked Singer’ for the first time under the nickname ‘Detective Cough’. However, the male idol was eliminated at round 2. Normally, the contestants who stop at round 2 can only sing one more song when revealing their faces. However, the Super Junior’s maknae hoped to perform another song that he had prepared, and he did. This performance of ‘Wild Flower’ achieved a very high number of views as soon as it was posted. When listening to Kyuhyun’s performance, many people were disappointed that he couldn’t get to the next round.

NO.6: SUNYOUL (UP10TION) – Tears (4.4 million views)

Sunyoul participated in ‘King of Masked Singer’ under the nickname ‘Most beauty Uhwudong’. This is considered one of the best ‘plot-twists’ of the show. At that time, this high, strong, and very clear female voice deceived all commentators and the public. When Sunyoul revealed his identity, people couldn’t believe their eyes because the male idol sang with a female voice so well that even the most experienced singers and musicians were deceived. If you check out the video above, you will probably get shocked just like them!

NO.5: CHEN (EXO) – Drunken Truth (6.5 million views)

Chen participated in ‘King of Masked Singer’ under the nickname ‘Legendary Guitarman’. The male idol made an excellent record when he defeated many senior vocalists and won all 3 rounds. However, Chen lost at the final round when facing the ‘Mask King’. Still, the achievements of the EXO’s main vocalist at that time made the fans very proud and also helped the public once again recognize that SM idols really have excellent singing abilities.

NO.4: HANI (EXID) – Honey (6.6 million views)

Hani participated in ‘King of Masked Singer’ under the nickname ‘Be Careful For Cold The Little Match Girl’. She is a phenomenon at the show. Although she is not the main vocal of EXID and her vocal ability is rarely noticed, the female idol passed all 3 rounds and only lost to the ‘Mask King’ in the final round. Thanks to the show, Hani is well recognized by the public for her real ability.

NO.3: SOLJI (EXID) – Maria (7.8 million views)

Solji participated in the ‘King of Masked Singer’ under the nickname ‘Self-Luminous Mosaic’. The female idol was also the first ‘Mask King’ of the show when she took the throne in the experimental broadcast in 2015. Although this victory faced mixed opinions, the majority of the public could not deny the fact that Solji’s steady vocal skill and emotional voice is too good for a K-Pop idol.

NO.2: JUNGKOOK (BTS) – If You (14.1 million views)

Jungkook participated in ‘King of Masked Singer’ under the nickname ‘Fencing Man’. This is one of the favorite shows of the BTS’ maknae, so being eliminated after round 2 made the male idol sad. Jungkook once said that he would practice hard and return to the show when the opportunity arises. Although he had to leave early, Jungkook’s performance ‘If You’ left a strong impression with his emotional voice.

NO.1: ROSÉ (BLACKPINK) – If It Is You (20.9 million views)

Rosé participated in ‘King of Masked Singer’ under the nickname ‘Circus Girl’. At that time, commentators said Rosé possessed a unique voice that brought many different emotions. Although she lost in the second round, the performance ‘If It Is You’ by the main vocal of BLACKPINK caused a fever and now has attracted more than 20.9 million views. This is also the most-watched performance ever on ‘King of Masked Singer’ on Youtube.

Which of these 10 performances are you most impressed with? Please share your opinion.