In recent years, many K-Pop stars have continuously entered the Japan’s music market by releasing new albums and songs in Japanese, as well as participating in various events. However, in such a difficult market, not all Korean artists can achieve great success and make a big profit for themselves and their management companies.

Netizens have recently made a list of Korean artists who have achieved sales of more than 200 billion won in Japan. This is summarized from their total sales on Oricon and the number of spectators who came to their live performances. And after more than 20 years entering the Japan’s market, K-Pop has only 8 artists who managed to earn 200 billion won with their album sales and concerts in Japan.



No one can beat the “Rising Gods of the East” when it comes to K-Pop in Japan. The duo’s total sales on Oricon reached over 400 billion won, and they attracted more than 6.06 million spectators to their concerts.



Our “Queen of K-Pop” has a total sales on Oricon of over 223.1 billion won, and she attracted more than 530,000 spectators to her live performances.



The group’s total sales on Oricon reached more than 179.6 billion won, and G-Dragon’s total solo sales on Oricon reached more than 15.4 billion won. The group attracted more than 5.89 million spectators to their live performances, while G-Dragon’s solo concerts attracted over 610,000, Daesung’s solo concerts 580,000, Taeyang’s solo concerts 170,000, and Seungri’s solo concerts 100,000.



The group’s total sales on Oricon surpassed 81.1 billion won, while Taemin‘s total solo sales on Oricon surpassed 7.8 billion won. The group attracted more than 2.3 million spectators to their live performances, while Taemin’s solo performances attracted more than 440,000 spectators.



The group’s total sales on Oricon are over 157.6 billion won. The boys also attracted more than 1.65 million spectators to their live performances.



The group’s total sales on Oricon are more than 147.8 billion won. The girls attracted more than 820,000 spectators to their concerts.



The group’s total sales on Oricon reached more than 126.1 billion won. More than 450,000 spectators came to watch their live performances.



TWICE garnered over 118.5 billion won total sales on Oricon and attracted more than 570,000 spectators to the group’s live performances.

Looking at the list above, we can see that SM artists take half of the positions. In particular, TVXQ and BoA are really still two powerhouses of K-Pop in Japan, with the highest rankings. BTS and TWICE are the only two representatives of the 3rd generation of idol groups to enter this list.

Especially, many netizens pointed out an interesting fact about the nationality of the groups on the list above. Except for TWICE, the other groups on the list have all Korean members. This makes Korean netizens even more proud of the achievements that these artists have made in the Japanese market.

  • “Compared to their ages, BTS and TWICE are really amazing”
  • “As expected of SM Entertainment”
  • “BTS is still moving forward”
  • “TWICE has 3 Japanese members so it’s a kind of a Japanese group, too.”
  • “As expected, when it comes to Korean singers in Japan, TVXQ and BoA are No. 1.”
  • “Wow! BoA is so amazing… She is a solo singer, yet her sales are bigger than the groups.”
  • “You can make a lot of money in the Japanese market, but it’s so difficult to succeed there. The artists here are all monuments.”