Having a solo career that does just as well as a group career is something that can only be done by the best of the best in K-Pop. While one might think that popularity alone will allow an idol to succeed if they decided to have a solo career, it actually requires much more than that. One could argue that a solo career really tests the star factor of an idol. Do they have something more and extraordinary to offer on their own? Below are three male idols that netizens have named as the ones who instantly come to mind when thinking of idols who had the best solo careers.

1/ G-Dragon (BIGBANG)


If there’s any artist who is truly respected in both the music and fashion scene all over the world, it’s none other than G-Dragon. It’s safe to say that there’s not that many idols in K-Pop who can compete with his ingenious talents in music and fashion. He was literally born to do this.



TaeYang is one of the few iconic K-Pop idols who had a tremendously popular solo career.

TaeMin (SHINee)


The maknae of SHINee Taemin has the most artsy characteristic among the group members, so it’s no wonder that his solo career is one of the most popular in South Korea.