The name is one of the factors that greatly influenced the public’s first impression of a K-Pop group. There are groups that have meaningful and beautiful names, making listeners feel good and proving the companies’ creativity. However, on the contrary, there are also groups with “confusing”, “hilarious” names, which were even made fun of by many Korean netizens when they were first introduced. But a weird name has its own advantage, because when the group becomes famous, the name will become more distinguished and unforgettable.

Although there are many groups whose names were laughed at by netizens when they debuted, not every case became a legend later, a thing that the 3 following groups have managed to do.

TVXQ – DBSK – DONG BANG SHIN KI: Rising Gods of the East


Knet’s reaction when they first heard the group’s name:

  • “Dong Bang Shin Ki…?”
  • “What is U-Know Yunho…? Then Max Changmin…??? Is Lee Sooman crazy?”
  • “It sounds like ‘The perfect fart method of the East’! Ew!!” (Note: ‘DONGjjogeseo BANGgwikkwineun SINgihan KIsurim’ in Korean, as the netizen distorted the group’s name.)

SNSD – SO NYEO SHI DAE: Girls’ Generation


Knet’s reaction when they first heard the group’s name:

  • “Generation of Girls…?? Is Lee Sooman really mad?!!”
  • “Doesn’t this sound like the title of Lee Seungchul’s song? Ugh!!” (Note: Singer Lee Seungchul has a song called ‘Girls’ Generation’ released before SNSD’s debut, and later the girls themselves made a cover of the song.

BTS – BANGTAN SONYEONDAN: Bulletproof Boy Scouts

Knet’s reaction when they first heard the group’s name:

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan… ???? Do you mean ‘The youth team created by Bang Shihyuk or something ??” (Note: ‘BANGSihyuk TANsaengsikin SONYEONDANnim’ in Korean, as the netizen came up with an explanation using the first letters of the group’s name. Bang Shihyuk is Big Hit Entertainment’s founder.)
  • “Are they really bulletproof ??? Ugh!!”

This is a hot topic on a Korean online forum and has attracted many comments from Knet. At the end the post, OP concluded: “But then they all became legendary groups and their names suddenly became so unique and cool.”

Many people admit that the Korean names of these groups are ‘strange’ and ‘lame’, so they had a bad first impression about the groups. However, when the idols proved their competence, these names deserve praise for their uniqueness.

Some comments from Knet on this topic:

  • DBSK sounds weird at first. But later the group became famous and the name became a big brand. Now DBSK / TVXQ sounds really luxurious and impressive.
  • It’s really funny, but when I heard ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’, I was curious to see the faces of these kids.
  • SM family really knows how to name their groups… Don’t forget Super Junior!
  • All 3 are legends now.
  • Gir;s Generation sounded weird because it resembled Lee Seungchul’s song title, but now it feels so good.
  • Well, for DBSK, their stage names are even more strange. U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu. These names sounded crazy at that time, but now why are they so classy?!
  • I must agree with this top 3. I couldn’t stand them at first, but now they sound so cool.