CL, past member of girl group 2NE1, has announced a surprise comeback with a new song as a gift for her fans to be released on September 14.


A poster showing CL’s side in a strong red light was posted at 1 PM KST on September 10. On the bottom of the poster, “2020 09 14 1PM KST,” which means 1 PM KST on September 14, 2020, is written, while “+ POST UP +” is at the center, arousing curiosity of fans.

Especially, on the top of the poster, the credits, including Baauer and Holly, are revealed, inducing various speculations.

Earlier, CL released a total of six intro videos, catching the eye with various concepts and unrivaled aura. The intro videos include ‘I GO BY THE NAME OF, YOU ALREADY KNOW’, ‘C.H.A.E.L.I.N THAT’S ME ,WE STAY FLY’, ‘2NE1 MY PAST MY FOUREVER BLESSING’, ‘Who Do You Love?’, ‘HONEY, WORLD IS MINE AIN’T NO RUNNING FROM IT’, ‘아홉번 쓰러져도 바로 GET UP 10’ (Get up 10 times right away after nine falls), and ‘인생이 겜이라면 미션 후엔 레벨업’ (‘If life is a game, level up after the mission’).

CL, who shared her past story from 2016 to 2019 through “In the name of love” released in December last year, has been silent for the next eight months, so the intro videos make fans all the more excited about what new story CL will come back with.

CL said, “The intro video will be released on the 14th as a gift specially prepared by me for fans who have waited for a long time. Please look forward to it.”