Korean netizens believe that these songs can leave a deep sorrow in the listeners’ hearts due to their sad lyrics about an one-sided love.

A post on an online forum in Korea recently attracted a lot of attention from netizens. In the post, the author declared that he is an expert in one-sided love, and also asked other users to recommend more songs on the topic. The author divided unrequited love into 3 more specific types, and shared songs he thought were the best fits for each type.

Desperate one-sided love

Park Won – “For You Who Don’t Like Me”


APRIL – “April Story”

gugudan – “Make a Wish”

Lovelyz – “Destiny”

BOL4 – “Hard to Love”

BOL4 – “Blue”

NCT 127 – “No Longer”

Baek Ah Yeon – “Shouldn’t Have…”

Lovelyz – “Cameo”

Lovelyz – “Triangle”

10 cm – “Stalker”

IU – “Voice Mail”

Unclear one-sided love

BOL4 – “Some”

BOL4 – “Bom”

BOL 4 – “Tell Me You Love Me”

Red Velvet – “In & Out”

BLACKPINK – “Really”

SEVENTEEN – “Pretty U”

One-sided love with hope

BOL4 – “Galaxy”

Red Velvet – “Rookie”

DIA – “Will You Go Out With Me”

Lovelyz – “Now, We”

Oh My Girl – “Dolphin”

Below this post, Korean netizens have nominated more songs that match the moods of those in a one-sided love. In particular, many people think that this topic is made for Lovelyz, because the girl group from Woollim Entertainment owns a lot of songs with meaningful and profound lyrics about unrequited love:

  • “Aren’t Lovelyz’s songs the best when it comes to one-sided love? In Woollim, INFINITE is always dumped, Lovelyz always has unrequited love, and Golden Child is obsessed with love. I hope everyone’s love will come true after listening to these songs about unrequited love. Please listen to ‘Love Game’, ‘Hi~’, “Sweet and Sour’, ‘Heart’, ‘Aya’… As for desperate unrequited love … among Lovelyz’s ballads there are 3 very good songs ‘Shooting Star’, ‘Circle’ and ‘Bookmark’.”
  • “That song ‘Now, We'”is the best.”
  • “Please look to Lovelyz‘s music …. Their lyrics are really artistic. If you has an unrequited love, you will cry when listening to their songs.”

What is the best song about one-sided love you’ve ever heard?