Starship Entertainment announced on September 18 that, “‘CRAVITY COLLECTION: C-EXPRESS’, the first online fan meeting of CRAVITY, will start at 8 PM KST on October 9. It will be broadcast live on Naver V Live.”


In the fan meeting poster, which was previously released on CRAVITY’s official SNS channel, the members appear in cute suspenders on a clear purple background, attracting the eye with their fresh charm. The boys, who beckon fans with bright smiles, seem to lead LUVITYs (their fandom’s name) through a door to a world full of lights, raising expectations for the upcoming online fan meeting.

As ‘CRAVITY COLLECTION: C-EXPRESS’ will be broadcast live through V Live, the group is expected to create precious memories with fans from all over the world without time and space constraints. The 9 members are already receiving enthusiastic responses as they are planning to deliver rich and special performances full of their original charms, while communicating with fans in real time.

CRAVITY is getting popular rapidly as they won a trophy on SBS MTV’s ‘THE SHOW’ with their latest song ‘Flame’, and was ranked No. 1 on the Hanteo Weekly Chart. The boys also topped the Tower Records’ Album Chart before making their official debut in Japan. Therefore, expectations are high on what kind of charm the members will demonstrate at this online fan meeting.

Tickets for ‘CRAVITY COLLECTION: C-EXPRESS’ are available from 3 PM KTS on September 18.