As August ended, it’s time for the SNS stats to be released. One of the most famous social networks for K-Pop fans is Twitter – a place that helps netizens quickly share and update information and images of their favorite artists. In addition, Twitter is the platform where many popular polls take place, and its data is also included in the Billboard Social 50 Chart.

One can say that being popular on Twitter is being popular over the world. This applies to K-Pop idol groups as well. And the number of mentions a group has on the platform within a month can relatively reflect how that group performed in the global market for that month.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 K-Pop idol groups that were mentioned the most in August 2020.

No.10: MONSTA X – 2,160,700 times


No.9: TWICE – 3,414,600 times


No.8: SEVENTEEN – 3,772,100 times


No.7: TXT – 4,292,500 times


No.6: ATEEZ – 4,526,400 times


No.5: GOT7 – 7,442,900 times


No.4: TREASURE – 7,765,900 times


No.3: BLACKPINK – 12,689,800 times

No.2: EXO – 18,331,600 times

No.1: BTS – 102,287,500 times

Congratulations to all the K-Pop groups that have had a great influence on Twitter in August 2020.