As K-Pop gets more and more popular, many people choose to sing songs of idol groups when they go to a karaoke room. However, there are many cases where people are shocked when trying to sing along to idols’ songs, especially those who always think that idols’ music is a piece of cake.


A post on an online forum in South Korea recently listed 8 K-Pop girl groups with challenging songs that you should not underestimate when singing them on karaoke. When watching these groups perform on stage, many people will mistakenly think that their songs are easy. However, for many different reasons, they’re not.


The reason: A party of falsetto, so if you can’t do falsetto, it’s best to skip their songs.

Red Velvet

The reason: A lot of high notes simply because their voices are really high.


The reason: Their lyrics are sometimes impossible to pronounce with high notes.


The reason: If you sing their songs alone, you will probably have to catch your breath a lot. There should be at least 2 people to a TWICE‘s songs.


The reason: The styles of WJSN’s vocalists are all different, so it will be difficult to imitate and sing along to their songs. In addition, there are many high notes.


The reason: Their songs are not as high as you might think. However, the feelings are somewhat different – it is difficult to reproduce the feelings they deliver through their songs.


The reason: Well, they’re SNSD – the only Girls’ Generation.


The reason: Like Red Velvet, if you try to sing ‘Remember’ in its original keys, you can feel your larynx getting destroyed.

A lot of comments under this post expressed their agreement with the difficulty in the songs of the 8 girl groups mentioned above. Some netizens even shared that they had “memorable” experiences when trying to sing these girl groups’ songs. In addition, Korean netizens also added two other girl groups that own songs that are also very high and difficult to sing along, which are KARA and Oh My Girl.

Some comments from Knet:

  • “I almost blew my throat out when I sang TWICE’s ‘Heart Shaker’.”
  • “There must be KARA”
  • “Red Velvet’s songs, every single one of them is the same, too high!! To the point where your blood vessel will explode. I tried it before and we all had to admire Seulgi.”
  • “Oh My Girl, too… The high notes in their songs are crazy … I almost got hoarseness after auditioning their ‘Secret Garden.”
  • “Even Apink’s sub vocalists can sing very high nots, right?”
  • “I only think of KARA. Everyone, try singing their ‘Pretty Girl’!”
  • “Never underestimate girl groups’ songs. Since there are so many members singing, there’s no time to rest.”
  • “TWICE’s songs are really high…”
  • “G-Friend and TWICE’s songs are so difficult. Especially the part of Yuju and Jihyo”
  • “Out of these groups, MAMAMOO‘s music is the most comfortable and exciting, If we sing them together, it will be extremely fun.”

Which girl group song do you think is the hardest to sing along when going to a karaoke room?