Red Velvet Yeri has appeared on the fashion magazine Dazed, revealing her recent situation in the pictorial.


Red Velvet maknae member Yeri completed her own modern portate pictorial, perfectly digesting modern and refined styles, from her girlish figure to elegant and luxurious moods in this pictorial.


She, who recently hosted YouTube called “Yeri Bang,” and is showing another aspect as a VJ, talked about his recent status in an interview that followed after the photo shoot. “Lately, I’ve been spending my free time filming YouTube, writing songs, drawing pictures, reading books, and doing what I want to do”. In particular, she introduced the reason why she started YouTube by saying, “I started with the thought that fans would like it at a time when it’s hard to work these days.”


Yeri added, “The more I film, the more I grow.” During the break, the singer said she wanted to show various aspects of herself and communicate more with the public through contents of “The Sharp Room,” and finished the interview by asking for his expectations for what she would like to show in the future. The contents of “The Sharp Room” are released every Monday and Wednesday.


More stories and pictorials with Red Velvet Yeri can be found in the October issue of Dazed Magazine and on the website.