10 K-pop Idols With Cutest Aegyo That Make Fans Fall in Love

10 K-pop Idols With Cutest Aegyo That Make Fans Fall in Love

Aegyo - the phrase that is not strange to any Korean fans. This word is so famous that it literally becomes one of the essentials skills for idols to practice. However, there are some idols that have the natural aegyo that could make anyone flutter even though they're indeed not the one who is in charge of doing this cute things in the group.

More than that, some idols are even "terrified" with doing these stuff because they portray the badass/intimidating vibe in their groups but when they are forced to do, the cuteness turns out overload for the fans.

Let's check out who are these idols with the cutest aegyo ever!

BTS Jimin

Yes, that is the one who once ripped his shirt to show off his amazing abs on stage. Jimin has an angelic singing voice along with perfect dancing skills like any professional dancers. Despite the intensity he performs on stage, Jimin off-stage is a cute fluffy ball that ARMYs just want to hug him for all day.


Another evidence for the amazing duality in K-Pop with BLACKPINK's main rapper Jennie. She may look expensive, and scary, and distance at the same time but this girl is just a small "mandu" that makes everyone wants to protect her. In her pre-debut, Jennie even received many criticized and rumors for her "bad attitude" towards other trainees. After being a part of BLACKPINK officially, Jennie is still labeled with those words. But when looking at this girl interacting or talking with fans in their fan signs, that is just so hard to believe in those accusations.

Maybe it is what called never judge by the cover of the book.

Monsta X Jooheon

Another rapper turns out to do the best aegyo! Not like Jennie who is embarrassed, Joo Heon is so confident and proud of his aegyo that he could try to express this adorable side of him whenever he has the change, and fans do not complain at all! He's so cute!


The multi-talent artist with such one-of-a-kind style and a humble personality, G-Dragon has his own aegyo naturally that even himself doesn't recognize, but he has it!

There's one time he appeared on Weekly Idol where Doni and Coni asked him to do the traditional gwiyomi song - which was quite a hard core challenge for him but he was doing it nicely and made the MC could't help but fall in love deeper with BIGBANG's leader.

EXO Xiumin

EXO Xiumin already looks child-like because of his cute smile but when he's serious. he still looks like a "smol bean" next door. Because of that, it's hard to realize that Xiumin is one of the eldest in EXO.

BTOB Illhoon

Rappers are definitely born under the "aegyo star" because Illhoon is the one who does the most as well as the cutest aegyo in the group. What is funny is that he's not scared to push aside his swag and hip-hop style and ready to live it all for doing these cute things.


TWICE Momo is main rapper of TWICE who is known for sharp movements but in real life, Momo is so innocent and adorable just like an anime character.

SNSD Yoona

The visual queen of K-Pop girl group Girls' Generation is truly the queen of aegyo when her clip where she did the Confession Aegyo song becomes viral that other idols take it as the model to follow.