Super Junior KyuHyun has shown off his sweet voice when joining in the OST for webtoon ‘She’s my type’, which will be released on August 23rd.

On August 14, TOON STUDIO unveiled that Super Junior ‘s Kyuhyun will be collaborating with webtoon “She’s my type” to release collaboration soundtrack “The Moment My Heart Flinched” (literal translation).


The studio has previously released “Slightly Tipsy” with B1A4’s Sandeul as well as “Stay The Night (feat. DeVita)” produced by popular producer GRAY. Anticipation is building up as to what kind of song Kyuhyun will be releasing for this collaboration.

She’s my type‘ is a webtoon about the secret cohabitation life of Chanyeol, who secretly works as a beauty-tuber named “Uls” to avoid the eyes of Haesang and Hochan, who fell in love at first sight on the first day of admission. With a rating of 9.9 and accumulated 200 million views in Daum’s Webtoon, it has been completed to season 2 with the love of steady readers.

KyuHyun of Super Junior, who is considered an “emotional ballader” who believes and listens with excellent singing skills and deep emotions, will then participate as the third singer to complete Chanyeol’s confession song to the sun and continue the excitement of the webtoon.