tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Start-Up’ (directed by Oh Chung Hwan, written by Park Hye Ryeon, planned by Studio Dragon, produced by Hi-story) is a drama that depicts the beginning (Start) and growth (Up) of young people who open their own businesses dreaming of success in the Korea’s Silicon Valley.


The posters released showed the four young characters Seo Dal Mi (played by Bae Suzy), Nam Do San (played by Nam Joo Hyuk), Han Ji Pyeong (played by Kim Sun Ho), and Won Jae (played by Kang Han Na) in front of a wall, which is filled with various ideas and memos for startups. Standing at the same place side by side, the characters with their fresh smiles evoke a sense of excitement in the viewers.

In particular, the phrase “where our story begins” on the poster heralds a coming challenge for those who has just taken the first step toward a brilliant dream, which makes the series even more anticipated.

The eye-catching outfits also shows the personalities of each character. The outfits of Seo Dal Mi and Nam Do San, which are mixed between a casual look and a business look, is not completely refined, but that is where the energy of youth is transmitted. Meanwhile, Han Ji Pyeong, wearing a checkered suit, is free-spirited and relaxed. And Won Jae’s purple suit shows her sophistication and girl-crush charm.

Expectations are rising on how Seo Da Mi, who enters the path of hardship on her own, Nam Do San, who challenges “to shine again,” Han Ji Pyeong, who chooses “to repay debts,” and Won Jae, who “don’t want to be an underdog”, will get entangled with each other.

‘Start-Up’. which unites director Oh Chung Hwan of ‘Hotel Del Luna‘, ‘Pinocchio’, and writer Park Hye Ryeon of ‘I Hear Your Voice’, is scheduled to premiere in October.