On August 31, actor Park Bo Gum will officially enlist and so his fans will have to wait two years to see his idol return on the screen.

To reduce any regrets, let’s take a look at this guy’s series of miraculous moments on the Korean screen.

1. Coin Locker Girl

Starting acting in 2011 but only until 2015 when he joined Coin Locker Girl besides Kim Go Eun, Park Bo Gum gradually gained attention and found an image that suited himself. In the movie, the actor transformed into Suk Hyun, a gentle, innocent guy with a warm heart, rich in love.


Despite the short screen time, Park Bo Gum had left the audience with a deep impression of her handsome appearance and sincere love for the female lead.

2. Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is a shooting rocket to help make Park Bo Gum’s name famous. Transforming into the innocent, gentle, clumsy Choi Taek, but extremely understanding, talented and handsome, Park Bo Gum has succeeded in arousing the desire to protect many girls.


Every time he laughed, cried or even smoked – an action that Koreans in the past were not too open-minded, the actor accidentally became a hot topic on the online community at that time. Reply 1988 has indeed brought a jewel closer to the audience.

3. Moonlight Drawn by clouds

Shedding the innocence of the two previous successful movies, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds brings an intelligent, decisive, optimistic, and loving Park Bo Gum. In addition, this prince is quite naughty, often likes to tease the girl he loves, push her into many terrible circumstances.


However, thanks to that, he made a strong impression on the audience, especially the sister association. Because whoever wants to have a boyfriend who is both understanding and has great sense of humor at the same time.

4. Encounter

Although Encounter was not so successful, Park Bo Gum’s beauty in this movie must have made the audience crazy. From long, curly hair to short cuts to create a mature and dignified look, the actor exudes a charming, romantic look.


In particular, his warm, passionate eyes really make the viewers’ hearts flutter. Indeed, although this work has given the actor a lot of trouble, the role of Lee Jin Hyuk is very memorable.