The beauty of the actresses during the 1990s such as Lee Young Ae, Kim Hee Sun, Jeon Ji Hyun, … from the past until now, has always been given high praises.

Korean screens in the 1990s saw the rise of many talented and talented beauties. In which, only a few have become the wall of Korean beauty and their legendary beauty is still praised by everyone even though the majority have reached the U50 threshold.

Recently, cosmetic doctors in Korea have selected the best beauty in the 1990s. When looking back at the pictures 15, 20 years ago, everyone must be surprised when the great beauties are still so beautiful. Even though more than 2 decades have passed, most of them are married and no longer have regular art activities, they are still especially admired by the public.

Lee Young Ae


Movie star Dae Jang Geum has always been the legendary beauty of Korean showbiz. Her gentle, luxurious, noble beauty is extremely gentle, helping Lee Young Ae “save the history list”, being one of the most beautiful and famous actress. Now 49 years old, this great beauty still makes people admire with her gentle and salty beauty, revealing wrinkles still causing fever, as expected of the legendary beauty of kimchi.

Lee Na Young


Many people have shared that when they met Won Bin’s wife in real life, they were so nervous that they could not speak because she was so beautiful. Since nearly two decades ago, Lee Na Young has been dubbed the goddess of beauty thanks to a series of cult works. Fans were startled to realize that after so many years, the features on the U40’s beautiful face almost unchanged from the past.

Jeon Ji Hyun


Jeon Ji Hyun was too famous for her natural beauty, charm, personality mixed with elegance and elegance. Regardless of whether in movies or moments in real life, Jeon Ji Hyun is beautiful and moves people. Jeon Ji Hyun’s slightly luxurious beauty makes her stand out from many other female stars easily. In addition to a successful career, she also has a happy married life that many people admire.

Kim Hee Sun


In addition to her envious successful career, Kim Hee Sun has never been absent from the beauty polls. In the past, the beauty conquered the audience with a sharp face created by seductive lips, plump high nasal waves and attractive eyes. Now at the age of 40, Kim Hee Sun is still shining with her increasingly beauty over the years.

Choi Ji Woo


In the early 2000s, Choi Ji Woo became the dream girl of millions of boys across Asia thanks to a series of hits such as Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven, … Up to now, over 40 years old, The actress’s life is all that everyone wants. A successful career, huge wealth, a happy family with her husband and first daughter. Although traces of time were imprinted on Choi Ji Woo’s face, the actress still exuded salty, tender and extremely gentle features.

Go So Young


The beauty of Jang Dong Gun – Go So Young has made many boys fall in love in the 1990s. Korean beauty experts have evaluated that the beauty born in 1972 has a sharp beauty, soulful eyes and a bright smile. The actress and her husband have been close friends for 10 consecutive years before they should talk. Until 2010, the couple officially organized the “wedding of the century” and became the most powerful and wealthy couple in Korean showbiz.

Go Hyun Jung


Go Hyun Jung officially entered the acting path with the title of runner-up Korea achieved in 1989. Pure beauty and smile capable of “melting” all hearts is the weapon to help her capture the hearts of the audience.

However, right at the time when his reputation was rising like a wind, Go Hyun Jung announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry to focus on his marriage with husband Chung Yong Jin, grandson of the famous Shinsegae Group CEO. The thought of being a tycoon wife will bring Go Hyun Jung a lot of happiness, but she is despised by her husband’s family and has to divorce after 8 years of marriage, even without seeing her children.