Shin Se Kyung posted a public video of her home on the YouTube channel on August 23. Through the video, the actress introduced her new house, arranged a reading room, and announced her daily life as a kimbap.


In about 8 minutes, depending on the YouTube system, the mid-term ads will automatically catch up. Actress Shin Se Kyung fixedly commented, “I don’t set up an intermediary, but I don’t know why the mediation ad is set up even when an intermediary is set up“. Initially, she received praise for not running the advertising, sponsorship, or PPL but just operating to communicate with fans on YouTube.


The reaction of the fans to be aware of this made viewers laugh. Because one reader posted comments that said “I won’t tell you” and “Make a lot of money” in her request for help. The above comments have received sympathy from about 10,000 people and created a warm atmosphere.

Shin Se Kyung opened the corresponding channel in September 2018. Currently, she has secured about 1,030,000 subscribers.