FashionN’s beauty program ‘Follow Me’ will greet viewers with its thirteenth season. Sandara Park and Ahn Hyun Mo are set to host the show.


According to StarNews on May 25, ‘Follow Me’ season 13 will premiere on June 19. Singer Sandara Park and broadcaster Ahn Hyun Mo have been named the new MCs for this season.

Sandara Park showed off her unique fashion and beauty sense in 2017 when she became the MC of the on-style beauty program ‘Get It Beauty’. Meanwhile, Ahn Hyun Mo, a former journalist, has drawn attention for her unusual appearance and intellectual image.

‘Follow Me’ is a long-standing beauty program of FashionN that aired from 2012. Actresses Lee Yoo Bi and Lee Soo Min, model Lim Bora and singer Seunghee (Oh My Girl) joined as the four MCs last season.

Ahn Hyun Mo and Sandara Park are expected to lead the program this season. If the last season’s concept was a “self-camera” that peeps into the cast’s daily lives, the new season will be carried out in the form of more detailed reviews of products by MCs with expertise in each field.