New K-drama to coming to on-screen “Record Of Youth” has dropped some interesting scenes showing the fierce and strong sides of Park So Dam.


The main story of “Record of Youth” is telling the story about the way to success of young people, which is always full of obstacles and difficulties to overcome but above all, they still try their best to achieve their dreams and find true love amid the harsh realities of the modeling industry.

Park Bo Gum will play Sa Hye Joon, an aspiring actor and model while Park So Dam plays the role of Ahn Jung Ha, an enthusiastic makeup artist, and Byun Woo Seok plays as Won Hae Hyo, a model who has his own dream and doesn’t hesitate to do anything to achieve it.

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In the revealed scenes, Ahn Jung-Ha is seen face-to-face with two different people in a salon where seems to be her workplace.

Ahn Jung Ha is an ambitious assistant working at the salon with a dream of becoming a famous and successful makeup artist and create her own brand name one day.


She has every quality to become an important person in the society: she’s smart, talented and determined. The salon’s customers like her and she has all the potential to achieve succeed.

In one set, Ahn Jung Ha is seen smiling vibrantly when the director of the shop (played by Yang So Min) decides to give her an opportunity after seeing her skills.


Meanwhile in other sets, more senior designers to appear at the shop and Jin Joo (played by Jo Ji Seung) is giving Jung Ha some hard times. However, Ahn Jung Ha confidently stands her ground fearlessly and looks right in the eyes.

According to a source, “The story of Ahn Jung Ha’s growth as she advances one step at a time in her goal to become a makeup artist will be relatable for viewers. Please tune in to see if she’ll be able to find success as an expert in her industry after intense competition.”