“Love Revolution” has released some cuts from behind-the-scenes where we could have a clearer look at their cast in the new video!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, Kakao M’s upcoming drama “Love Revolution” tells the story of love and friendship between high school students. The drama’s cast confirmed to have Park Ji Hoon, Lee Ruby, The Boyz’s Younghoon, Jung Da Eun, WJSN’s Dayoung, Ko Chan Bin, and Ahn Do Gyu.


The clip starts off at the shoot for the drama’s posters and teasers. During the behind the scenes cuts, it is seen the fellow cast members discuss how they’re going to film with Park Ji Hoon adorably plays the role of the director to give instructions to them like a real director of the drama.

Later, he introduces himself to the camera by saying, “Hello, this is Park Ji Hoon who will be playing Gong Ju Young in ‘Love Revolution.’ I’m working hard on filming with the cast and staff members, so please give ‘Love Revolution’ lots of love and attention.”

Lee Ruby, who plays the role of Park Ji Hoon’s love interest named Wang Ja Rim in the drama, explains, “[For today’s concept,] my face will be expressionless.”

The Boyz’s Younghoon then goes on commenting, “Hello, this is Younghoon, who plays the role of Lee Kyung Woo.” When asked about his concept for the shoot, Younghoon answers, “I’m filming with the thought that I’m actually gaming.”

While all filming together, Park Ji Hoon asks Younghoon, “How are you feeling today?” Younghoon thinks for a moment, then adorably responds, “I feel good.”

Before posing for the photo shoot with Ko Chan Bin, Ahn Do Gyu jokes, “We’re going to take our couple photos now too, but we’re going to raise the rating a bit,” before they pretend to lean in for a kiss.

Watch all of the cast’s playful interactions in the full clip below!