In a recent interview and pictorial for @star1 magazinePark Ji Hoon shared his thoughts on his new drama!

The idol-turned-actor is currently starring in the “Love Revolution,” the drama adaptation of the hit webtoon of the same name, as the adorable male lead Gong Ju Young.


After starring in the period romantic comedy “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” last year, Park Ji Hoon revealed that he was excited to be taking on a more modern role. “I’d really wanted to try acting in a drama set in present-day,” he said.

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He also mentioned that it was easier for him to relate to the story because the characters were close to his own age, explaining, “It hasn’t been that long since I graduated from high school, so I was able to act a bit more comfortably.”


Park Ji Hoon also confessed to having been worried about taking on the leading role in the adaptation of such a popular webtoon—for more than one reason.

After I was cast in the drama,” he recalled, “I was worried about the fact that I would have to get a bowl cut, and I also worried a lot about how I’d be able to pull off the role.”


As for any similarities between his character and his real-life personality, Park Ji Hoon remarked that they couldn’t be more different.

The character of Ju Young, who has a lot of aegyo, is my polar opposite in terms of personality,” he said. “I’m not the talkative type in real life, so [Ju Young and I] are extremely different.”