Upcoming MBC Wednesday-Thursday comedy drama “Old School Intern” (working title) has released a new poster and stills of Park Hae Jin!

“Old School Intern” will be an office comedy where a man (Park Hae Jin) gets his sweet revenge on a former boss (Kim Eung Soo) who made his life miserable when said former boss gets hired as his subordinate at a new company.


Park Hae Jin’s visuals shine in the new poster as he portrays a character who stepped up the ladder with a speedy promotion. Beside him is an open tablet, and ramen boxes are stacked up behind him. The background is actually the office of the marketing sales team. The most eye-catching item in the poster is the giant text “kkondae,” which is a Korean slang phrase for an older person with a similar connotation to “boomer” in English.

The drama also shared a first glimpse of Park Hae Jin as his new character who is always dressed impeccably. He is spotted wearing various dress shirts, and his fashionable ties are always on point. Thanks to his hard work, he is not a mere employee anymore but a star in the ramen industry.