On April 18, Coffee and Dessert ‘A TWOSOME PLACE’ (TWOSOME) said that they had signed an exclusive modeling contract with actor Nam Joo Hyuk for two consecutive years since last year.

Last year, TWOSOME selected actor Nam Joo Hyuk as a model and effectively conveyed the brand’s core values ​​through diverse marketing activities such as advertising campaign, advertising video… In particular, Nam Joo Hyuk’s delicate image helps TWOSOME be considered a coffee brand that brings life to everyday brands while strengthening its position and closer to millennials – The main object of the brand. Therefore, A TWOSOME PLACE plans to re-contract with Nam Joo Hyuk this year and continue to maintain positive synergy.


Recently, actor Nam Joo Hyuk conducted a product photo shoot this year and plans to promote the brand officially starting with the summer digital campaign launched on May 23.

On the other hand, actor Nam Joo Hyuk finished filming for ‘The School Nurse Files‘ (Netflix), and the movie ‘Preparation‘. In addition, the actor is expected to make a big-screen with the movie ‘Remember’ and a screen like the drama ‘Start-Up’ (tvN) makes the fan more expectant of the future activities.