K-Dramas are growing more and more popular than ever which leads to the popularity of K-Drama actors all around the world. This list includes the top 10 most famous actors on Instagram updated.

10. Lee Dong Wook – 7.19 million followers


The 10th place belongs to Lee Dong Wook with a total amount of over 7 million followers on Instagram.

Lee Dong Wook debuted in 1999 when starring in School 2. Over his long career, the handsome actor has marked his name in many projects and has a strong fanbase. Some of his best current dramas are Goblin starring besides Gong Yoo and Hell is Other People with Im Siwan.

9. Choi Si Won – 7.85 million followers


Following is Super Junior’s Siwon with 7.85 million followers on Instagram. Besides being an idol in legendary Super Junior, Siwon also debuted as an actor in 2005 on Eighteen, Twenty Nine.

His drama collection is not that wide-ranged but he definitely knows how to pick the script as he appears in two popular dramas, She Was Pretty and My Fellow Citizens.

8. Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO) – 8 million followers


Cha Eun Woo is not only an idol but also an actor with some popular drama projects when making his acting debut in 2017 on Hit the Top. He also starred in My ID is Gangnam Beauty and was recently cast in webtoon adaptation True Beauty.

7. Suho (EXO) – 8.41 million followers


Next is the leader of EXO – Suho, who has over 8 million followers on his Instagram account. Suho started his career in acting in 2014 on Prime Minister & I. Some of his best recent dramas include The Universe’s Star and Rich Man.

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6. Kai (EXO) – 9.20 million followers


Another EXO member to appear on the list is EXO’s Kai with 9.20 million followers. Kai started as an actor in 2016 on Choco Bank. Some of his best recent dramas include Andante and The Miracle We Met.

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5. Nam Joo Hyuk – 12 million followers


Bok Joo’s boyfriend, Nam Joo Hyuk is easily landed at 5th place with over 12 million followers. Started as a model, he made his acting debut in 2014 on The Idle Mermaid and received such compliments.

Some of his popular drama projects are The School Nurse Files and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo with Lee Sung Kyung.

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4. Ji Chang Wook – 13.72 million followers


The 4th place belongs to Ji Chang Wook, who has over 13 million followers on Instagram.

With amazing acting skills and the ability to create perfect chemistry with any actresses he stars along, Ji Chang Wook is considered as one of the most successful actors at the present. He made his K-Drama acting debut in 2008 on You Stole My Heart. Some of his best recent dramas include Empress Ki, Healer, K2, Backstreet Rookie.

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3. Park Seo Joon – 15.5 million followers


In 3rd place is Park Seo Joon who owns an impressive number of 15 million followers on Instagram. Park Seo Joon made his K-Drama acting debut in 2012 on Dream High 2 as a high school student.

Anyone grows up as after debut drama, he has become a vice-chairman in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, proprietary in Itaewon Class, a boxer in Fight For My Way.

2. Lee Jong Suk – 16.39 million followers


In 2nd place is Lee Jong Suk, who has over 16 million followers on Instagram.

Lee Jong Suk made his K-Drama acting debut in 2010 on Prosecutor Princess. Some of his best recent dramas include Romance is a Bonus Book and While You Were Sleeping.

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1. Lee Min Ho – 19.6 million followers


And the K-drama actor with the most followers on Instagram is Lee Min Ho with over 19 million followers.

He shot to become the A-lister star in the famous Hana Yori Dango’s Korean adaption, Boys Over Flowers. Some of his best recent dramas include City Hunter, The Heirs, The King: Eternal Monarch. Lee Min Ho is one of the most famous K-Drama actors right now.