We may be seeing Kim Hyang Gi in a new drama soon! On May 26, it was reported that her would be appearing in the new JTBC drama “Fly, Butterfly” (literal title). A source from JTBC stated, “We are currently planning to air a new drama called ‘Fly, Butterfly’ in the second half of 2020. It is true that we have sent an offer to Kim Hyang Gi to appear in the drama.


A source from Kim Hyang Gi’s agency Namoo Actors also stated, “Kim Hyang Gi has received an offer for the drama and is currently looking over the role.


“Fly, Butterfly” is set to be a drama that follows the lives of people working at a hair salon as they learn to love themselves for who they are. “Age of Youth” screenwriter Park Yeon Sun is set to write for the drama, which will be co-directed by “Hello Dracula” producing director (PD) Kim Da Ye and “The Wind Blows” co-PD Kim Bo Kyung. If she accepts the role, this will be her first drama since last year’s hit JTBC drama “Moments of 18.”