Actress Jo Yoon Hee and actor Lee Dong Gun have officially announced their divorce. The two have been husband and wife since 2017.


Jo Yoon Heee’s agency King Kong by Starship said in an official press release on May 28:

“Hello, we’re King Kong by Starship.
First of all, we apologize for the bad news, and we would like to make an official statement about the divorce report of our actor Jo Yoon Hee.
We’re informing you that she has divorced Lee Dong Gun through the divorce mediation process at the Seoul Family Court on May 22 (Friday).
To those who have congratulated and supported their marriage, we ask for your understanding of the sudden news. She’ll try her best to greet you through more good activities.
Thank you.”

Jo Yoon Hee and Lee Dong Gun developed into real lovers through the KBS 2TV’s drama ‘The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop’, which aired in 2017. The two completed their marriage registration in May of the same year, and held a private ceremony in September. They have a daughter.