Ji Sung is expected to turn into a new dramaDevil Judge“.


Ji Sung plays the role of the trial judge. As an enigmatic star judge, he had a noble appearance, a captivating smile, and the most elegant taste in everything, whether it be a hobby or an object.

“The Devil Judge” is the story of a judge who turns the court into a reality show and a judge who is inquiring about the identity surrounding him. The story is about two men who are trying to reveal each other’s identity but unexpectedly fascinated by each other. The court of the judge, which is broadcast live on TV, depicts the hidden naked face of humans.

The drama is written by Moon Yoo Seok, the author and actual judge of JTBC’s “Miss Hammurabi,” which aired in 2018, and directed by Choi Jung-kyu, the producer of “Children of Nobody,” and produced by Studio & New.