After 2 months in the West filming, Hyun Bin finally returned. On this day, his interview with Anan Magazine Japan has been revealed. Earlier this year, ‘Crush Landing on You‘ caused fever in Japan, making the name Hyun Bin extremely famous.


Appeared in the magazine this time, the actor made people “faint” by showing off his handsome face with no angle, attractive charisma, and tall muscular body. The actor shared about himself as well as the role of Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk in ‘Crash Landing on You‘, including feelings about Son Ye Jin, making fans of the couple unable to “freak out”.


When asked about the similarities and differences between him in real life and the character of Captain Ri, Hyun Bin said that both of them are quiet and mainly show through actions, however, he is not rigid. like Ri Jeong Hyuk. In particular, when asked about the character Yoon Se Ri (played by Son Ye Jin), Hyun Bin gave her “winged” words:


Se Ri is very open about her feelings, extremely independent, doesn’t give up work or love. Se Ri has a strong personality, warmth and sympathy for others. For me, Yoon Se Ri. is the most beautiful woman in the world “– Hyun Bin said.


In the past, both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin said during the press conference to launch the drama that they were almost 100% like the character. Therefore, Hyun Bin’s share can be seen as indirect praise of Son Ye Jin, admitting Son Ye Jin is the most beautiful woman in the world in her eyes. Despite denying dating, with a series of “hints” from the couple, people continue to have the opportunity to “guess what” between Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin, or the relationship of How far has the two gone.