Upcoming big-screen film ‘Double Patty’ has revealed first still cut of Bae Joo Hyun (Red Velvet’s Irene) and actor Shin Seung Ho.

Upcoming new big-screen romance/drama film ‘Double Patty‘, directed by Baek Seung Hwan, has released its first official still cut starring the production’s leads Bae Joo Hyun (Red Velvet’s Irene) and Shin Seung Ho!


According to reports, filming for ‘Double Patty’ kicked off earlier this week on August 4 after completing its production casting. The big-screen film tells the story of young college students as they strive toward their career goals, with Irene taking on the female lead role Lee Hyun Ji and Shin Seung Ho playing the male lead role Kang Woo Ram. Lee Hyun Ji is a student studying to become a news anchor, while Kang Woo Ram is a former star athlete from high school.

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‘Double Patty’ is expected to premiere in theaters some time toward the end of 2020! Stay tuned and wait for further information from the film.