Not only famous for his “prettier than flowers” appearance, Lee Joon Gi is also known as one of the most … innocent male gods on the Korean screen.

Often taking on psychologically heavy roles, following the cold, intrinsic male main motif, but at the backstage, he constantly has moments of “making fun of the whole world” because his nature is not serious seconds.


Lee Joon Gi and his dorky side on the set of The Legend of Iljimae.


What an elegant doctor!


Remember this scene in Moon Lovers? It was such touching and hurtful at the same time with the portraying of both Lee Joon Gi and IU. But behind that was a whole funny story.


“Sorry! I am the only King for Hae Soo!”


He may be the threatening and powerful vampire who walks the night but behind that cold eyes and emotionless heart, is just Lee Joon Gi being a complete “crack-head”.


Who could resist this cute side of him?


Okay we may be taken to the execution grounds, but smiling and laughing for a bit is worth it, right?


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