Actress Han So Hwee is under controversy for her previous smoking and tattoo photos. She is currently appearing on JTBC’s ‘The World of the Married’. As interest in her grew, people began to find past photos on her social media and was complimented for looking like ITZY’s Ryujin.

However, as netizens began to uncover photos of her smoking and with tattoos, they began to bury her in malicious comments stating:


“It must’ve hurt a lot to remove those tattoos.”

“Didn’t you want to be an actress? Erase your tattoos.” 

“I think she’s pretty but I couldn’t live with her as my wife.” 

“That smoking pic, what a tryhard.”

“Ew smoking.” 

However, many other netizens came to her defense as news headlines began to report her controversy, saying:


“I don’t understand what the problem is? She’s an adult. Stop writing such trash headlines.”

“The double standards in this country…”

“So what? She’s an adult.” 

It has since been reported that Han So Hwee has removed her tattoos. What do you think?