Although faced with doubts from suspicious home audiences about the quality, “Space Sweepers” of Song Joong Ki still has something to look forward to when it officially hits theaters next time.


With the announcement of the budget to be up to 26 billion won, Space Sweepers promises to successfully launch the space film in the sci-fi genre that has always been favorite genre of the audience in the world

1. The ultimate trio of Korean on-screen

With the name of Song Joong Ki, which has ensured the awareness for the movie throughout Asia, Space Sweepers also converged the attack-in-quality of the “muse” Kim Tae Ri after two years of absence on the big screen.


With the acting abilities that no one can deny from her first movie: The Handmaiden to the hundred billion television blockbuster Mr. Sunshine by writer Kim Eun Sook, every project of Kim Tae Ri has received the Korean audience’s positive response to international fans since 2016.


Space Sweepers also has the presence of Jin Seon Kyu from Kingdom (King of the Dead), Extreme Job (The Great Job), Dark Figure of Crime (7 Bodies), promises to bring a humorous atmosphere amid tensions in outer space.

2. Unique outer space theme

Just like the appearance of Song Joong Ki in contributing to shot the first bullet of ancient series in Arthdal ​​Chronicles, Space Sweepers has the opportunity to make a mark for themselves even though it can only reach a part of the audience who loves Sci-fi genre.


3. Drama and action factors combines

Not only stopping at the “drama” fighting between rival spaceships from other countries around the world, Space Sweepers also evokes the climax from the very things happening in the Victory ship.


When a group of stubborn guys is gathered, the controversy will inevitably arise around the “thirst” for money, the competition between rivalships and also the rage that is always on standby when they do not achieve the desired intention.

4. Excellent visual effects just the Marvel movies

Right from the trailer released two weeks ago, many people have said that Space Sweepers has the “vibe” of the Marvel blockbusters, typically in large-scale attacks in space with impressive techniques.