Tale of Nine-tailed – tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, has unveiled three important points to watch, which is bound to be drawn even more when it turns out to be true.

The drama, which will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on October 7th (today), is a fantasy action romance drama between Gumiho, who settled in the city, and a producer chasing him. It is drawing keen attention through teasers, posters, and previews released earlier, is drawing keen attention as a drama of extraordinary charm.


“A writer Han Woo Ri pushed it, and director Kang Shin Hyo pulled it!” – Fantastic composition and feeling chemistry

On top of that, director Kang Shin Hyo and Han Woo Ri’s fantastic work-sense chemistry, which does not tolerate boring lines or scenes, are expected to give off synergy. Han Woo Ri, a former current affairs program writer, and director Kang Shin Hyo, who succeeded in “Mothers,” “Tazza” and “The Heirs,” have been united again since “The Children of the Little God.”


As a result, attention is being paid to whether “Tale of Nine-Tailed” which will be pushed by Han Woo Ri writer and drawn by director Kang Shin Hyo, will give a new sensation beyond the limits of the drama.

“Fantasy customized casting, there’s no reason not to watch!” Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah and Kim Bum’s New Life Characters

Above all, Lee Dong Wook, who plays Lee Yeon, who is highly praised as the best visual synchro rate as a man, Jo Bo Ah, who plays Nam Ji Ah, who will show girl crush with innocent looks and confident charms, and Kim Bum, who plays Lee Rang, who was born between Gumiho and humans and will show dangerous and provocative charms, are heralding a drastic change in acting.


Expectations are high for ‘Tale of Nine-Tailed’, in which the original acting chemistry will explode, including three actors who will break their life characters with different images and those from the outside world who have been hiding in reality.

“Overwhelming visual beauty to blow real-world anxiety”

The video beauty is also the point of watching the drama. The sensational CG completed through collaboration with Wiziwick Studio, the movie ‘Witch’ CG team, and the action created by the martial arts director Park Joo Cheon, who implemented unique actions in various works such as the drama ‘Chosun Gunman’ and ‘Misaeng’, provide a spectacular sight. This is expected to realize a worldview that the legendary characters live together in the same way as we are, and at the same time visually complete the new world visuals, giving a different sense of pleasure and catharsis.


The production crew said, “The first broadcast of ‘Tale of Nine-tailed’, which will be the focus of joy such as story, action, and sights, will be broadcast for the first time on the 7th.”