Iggy Azalea - from top of Billboard to nowhere

Iggy Azalea - from top of Billboard to nowhere

Iggy Azalea - the hits maker Remember the time when we hear the "I'm so fancy" lyrics everywhere? Fancy, featuri...

Iggy Azalea - the hits maker


Remember the time when we hear the "I'm so fancy" lyrics everywhere? Fancy, featuring Charli XCX was quickly stood as No.1 on Billboard Hot 100, started to give out the big shot to Iggy's Hollywood entrance.

After that boom, she continued proving her talent and unique music style when featuring with Arianna Grande in the song Problem, also took the No.2 on the Billboard list.

Back at that time with catchy sounds and inspiring rap style, Iggy Azalea was worldwide popular all around the US with 3 hits top 5 along with featuring songs. Many predicted that she should be one of the greatest rapper in 2010s generation.

However as the fame came, the other things came. Iggy was caught in numerous numbers of scandals and lead to the falling of Iggy's image, as well as her success. As the Billboard stated, "Iggy Azalea destroyed her own career."


She almost pulled a Kim Kardashian

The Australian rapper appeared in a secret tape bought by a company that distributed Kim Kardashian's now-infamous videos. The tape thief turned out to be Iggy's ex-boyfriend, Hefe Wine.

Big time beef with Azelia Banks

As Fancy reached a specific peak, many artists from the rap community expressed that Iggy Azalea "misrepresented" and exploited the rap culture. Among those who came down hardest: rapper Azealia Banks, who took major issue with the four Grammy nominations Azalea received in December 2014.

These two decided to made up in July 2017 and agreed to collaborate in Azalea's second album, Digital Distortion. However, the song itself was nothing but short of a mess and their collaboration hasn't seen the light of day.

Messing up with LGBTQ Community

After posting homophobia comments, Iggy was forced to cancel her 2015 Pittsburg pride performance because of multiple groups called out her name.

Enrage Britney Spear's fans

Iggy Azalea enraged Britney Spears's fans - and possibly Spears herself—after she seemingly accused Spears of being the reason their joint single, "Pretty Girls," flopped on the charts when she tweeting on her account. Even when Britney's fans chimed in and stated false accusations, Iggy also added more fuel to the fire with continuously replies, "my comment is factual, it applies to any song. I dont [sic] have to suck the womans [sic] a**hole 24/7 to be her friend, do i? bye girls."

These are just "few" scandals Iggy got involved in. As many predicted her success, many also showed their pity for the fall of Iggy, if it hasn't been for her scandalous issues.