Stylists reveal the reason why they don't fall in love with K-Pop idols

Stylists reveal the reason why they don't fall in love with K-Pop idols

Being a stylist or makeup artist is the dream of many K-Pop fans. The reason is that the stylist / makeup artist often...

Being a stylist or makeup artist is the dream of many K-Pop fans. The reason is that the stylist / makeup artist often have direct contact with the idols. They can learn more about idols, and admire their visuals at a very close range. In addition, there are many rumors that many male idols even date and fall in love with beautiful stylists near them. So, have these things really happened or not?


Recently, in the YouTube series 'AYO's Comment Defenders', makeup artist Lee Shinae and hair stylist Go Seoyoon talked about their careers. Since they were newbies, they worked with idols such as 2NE1, IU, EXO, Oh My Girl... And they soon had chances to interact with many other idols.

Since both have more or less 20 years of professional experience, the show thought they could clarify some facts about the stylists / makeup artists in the idol world. One of the comments sent by K-Pop fans was: "I heard that K-Pop male idols often flirt with young and beautiful female makeup artists or hairdressers. And maybe they will actually date. I know what career I want to pursue now."

Hair stylist Go Seoyoon

Makeup specialist Lee Shinae

Upon hearing this question, both Lee Shinae and Go Seoyoon were shocked. When asked by the show, "Has this ever happened to the two of you", Shinae said she had never fallen in love with any celebrity, even though she had worked with a number of idols over the years.

They think that it will be difficult to fall in love with actors or singers in the process. Shinae affirmed, "Even if you become their staff, you will be disillusioned by the reality."


Go Seoyoon commented that this job is not easy, and they are just as tired as the idols, "When an idol release a new album, the staff only sleep 2-3 hours a day. We just wash our faces in a hurry and go to work."

Also, both Shinae and Seoyoon agreed that they are the ones who see idols in their least glamorous moments - when idols don't have their makeup, and sleep at the salon with their bare faces while waiting.

Go Seoyoon recalls, "I mean the idols would sleep with their mouths open next to you. At first you will be like 'Oh, he or she is so beautiful!'. But the more you work with them, the more you will think 'Well… I thought they were cool.'" This shows that because stylists have a lot of contact with idols, so they consider idols to be ordinary people, not men or women to admire or love.

There always seems to be a big difference between reality and dream. Being a stylist is not ideal as you might think, and the truth is that stylists seldom think about dating K-Pop idols.

To conclude this issue, Go Seoyoon thinks that being a stylist sounds very cool, but the truth is sometimes not what you imagined. She advised, "If you want to pursue a career with such dreams, then you will face a lot of difficulties and even tragedies. I think you should just go find a good-looking boyfriend in real life."


What do you think about these words shared by the stylists? Have you ever been jealous of them or dreamed of working in this profession to get close to your idols?