10 K-Pop Idols With Fantastic Charisma On The Stage, Picked By Dispatch

10 K-Pop Idols With Fantastic Charisma On The Stage, Picked By Dispatch

Every time these idols step on the stage, they completely become icons of energy, oozing charisma many times more than usual.

On May 2, Dispatch has revealed their picks of 10 K-Pop idols who have incredible charisma when on stage. They unveiled the top 10 through their official Instagram account. Here's an in-depth look at the famous Korean media outlet's choices.

1. TWICE Momo

Momo is often called TWICE's "Dance Machine" and is highly appreciated for her fit physique as well as her sharp and agile body movements. The beauty is praised for her dancing ability, as well as her duality on stage. She can rock both TWICE's attractive and cute concepts with her diverse facial expressions.

2. TWICE Sana

Although Sana is known for her energetic and cheerful personality off-stage, the Japanese idol is all-professional in the spotlight. With ger aegyo, Sana has proven to match well with TWICE's earlier cute concepts. Later, as TWICE continued to turn to more sensual concepts, Sana has also shown that she can be mature and sexy, too.

3. NU'EST Aron

Aron is NU'EST's powerful lead rapper and lead dancer. The idol has proved to be a vital part of the boy group and has even had his own solo endeavors. He featured in Chad Future's 'Got It Figured Out' in 2014 and, as a trainee, made his appearance as a back-up dancer for After School Blue's 'Wonder Boy' in 2011. Now, he shines brightly on stage as an idol himself and Dispatch has approved it.

4. NCT Winwin

Winwin is among NCT's best dancers. In China, he majored in traditional Chinese dance in Beijing Dance Academy Affiliated Secondary School, one of the country's top dance institutions. Now, as a member of NCT and its subunit WayV, Winwin continues to serve fans with his smooth dance lines and even some acrobatics!

5. HyunA

HyunA has proven her success as both an idol group member and a soloist. Her career started as a member of the Wonder Girls, and now, she is known as one of South Korea's hottest soloist. HyunA always knows how to hype up a crowd on stage, whether it be due to her dance, facial expressions, or stunning figure!

6. Chungha

When it comes to charisma, Chungha can never be forgotten. The idol was already famous as a member of the project group I.O.I, and later gained huge fame doing solo. She earned praise for her stunning dancing that she has a hand in creating and her ability to dance to any type of music. Her vocals have also constantly improved with every comeback, which has earned praise from listeners.

7. ITZY Yeji

As the leader and main dancer of ITZY, Yeji definitely knows her way around the stage. Known as "JYP's Secret Weapon," the idol is blessed with not only stunning visuals but with beautiful dance lines and a powerful voice. ITZY is a triple threat that is amazing as rap, dancing, and singing!

8. ENHYPEN Sunoo

Sunoo is another idol praised for his duality. Although the rookie idol can appear cold and intimidating on stage; he is actually warm and cute. Sunoo's ability to show unique facial expressions has been complimented since his time in Mnet's 'I-LAND', and he continues to show it off as a member of ENHYPEN.

9. AB6IX Lee Daehwi

Daehwi first became the talk of the town being the center of 'Pick Me' in Mnet's 'Produce 101' Season 2. During the show, he was able to show off both his cute side and his cool side. His unique eyes captivate the audience with his deep gaze during more intense songs, and his sweet smile captures the hearts for more boyish sounds. He is one of K-pop's kings of duality.

10. EVERGLOW Sihyeon

Sihyeon was first known to the public as an independent trainee in Mnet's 'Produce 101' Season 1, and then as a trainee under Yuehua Entertainment in 'Produce 48'. She later made her debut with EVERGLOW in 2019 as the lead vocalist, visual, and face of the group. Sihyeon has beautiful dance moves and a sweet voice that captivate the audience, and her star quality is undeniable when she's on stage.