Who Have the Best Selling K-Pop Digital Albums in China in 2021 So Far?

Who Have the Best Selling K-Pop Digital Albums in China in 2021 So Far?

Data for album sales regarding the South Korean artists were recently revealed, showcasing the best-selling albums in the country in 2021.

Want to know which eight K-pop albums saw massive success in China? Then keep on reading!

IU's "LILAC" is the Best-Selling Korean Digital Album in China for 2021 So Far

Taking the throne as the best-selling Korean digital album is IU's fifth Korean-language studio album, "LILAC."

The album has sold 345,078 digital sales in China, beating out numerous top K-pop groups for the number one spot!


(Photo : IU Instagram)

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"LILAC" was not only a hit in China but in South Korea as well. On its first day, "LILAC" sold 216,319 copies, making it the second highest-selling album by a South Korean female artist on its first week. On the weekly Gaon Album Chart, "LILAC" debuted at the top spot, making it IU's fifth release to do so.

All ten tracks from "LILAC" charted within the top 30 of the Gaon Digital Chart. Several of IU's older sold also re-entered the chart following the release of "LILAC." In May 2021, the album mentioned above was certified platinum by the Korean Music Content Association (KMCA) for selling over 250,000 copies.

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(Photo : IU Instagram)

EXO's "DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING" is the Best-Selling Korean Digital Album in China for 2021 by a Boy Group So Far

Despite having just been released two days ago (as of the time of writing) on Jun. 7, EXO's seventh mini-album "DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING" climbed up the ranks and snagged the number two spot, selling 331,823 digital copies of the album.

EXO's album is the highest album by a K-pop group.


(Photo : EXO Twitter)

EXO made headlines prior to the release of the album after it was reported that "DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING" sold more than 1.22 million copies in pre-order sales, making EXO million sellers once more.

This milestone is EXO's personal best record in terms of pre-orders, beating out their previous personal record of 1.1 million pre-order copies sold for "Don't Mess Up My Tempo."

In China, "DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING" surpassed 590,000 digital pre-saves on QQ Music. EXO's album is the first among Korean acts to do so in 2021.


(Photo : EXO Twitter)

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These are the 8 Best-Selling K-Pop Digital Albums in China in 2021 So Far

*Note: Number of digital album sales seen next to the album name

1. IU - "LILAC" (345,078)

2. EXO - "DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING" (331,823)

3. HyunA - "I'm Not Cool" (282,649)

4. Baekhyun - "Bambi" (237,677)

5. NCT Dream - "Hot Sauce" (109,953)

6. Super Junior - "The Renaissance" (78,993)

7. Epik High - "Epik High Is Here 上" (44,425)

8. Kang Seungyoon - "PAGE" (42,799)

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