Which Artist Do You Think Of First When You Hear The Names SM, HYBE, YG, And JYP?

Which Artist Do You Think Of First When You Hear The Names SM, HYBE, YG, And JYP?

In South Korea, there are now four major entertainment agencies that are leading the K-pop industry. Known as the Big 4 - HYBE, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment - these music labels have released many iconic idol groups and have led the advancement of K-pop.

Each of these agencies has the most representative artist that people think of when hearing the company name.

Recently, one Korean netizen decided to take to a popular online community to ask other netizens about which artist they first think of when they hear SM, HYBE, YG, and JYP.

The creator of the post first shared the list of artists they thought of, and other netizens joined to share theirs.


2. SM Entertainment

3. YG Entertainment

4. JYP Entertainment

Netizens commented, "If we're talking about the identity of the company: HYBE-BTS, JYP-Wonder Girls, YG- 2NE1, and SM-NCT," "I don't know about the other companies but Big Bang is really the face of YG," "This post was made for that last picture," "I got so surprised at the end with J.Y. Park. I was expecting TWICE or something," "I think for me it would be BTS, EXO, Big Bang, and Wonder Girls," "They should put Lee Soo Man for SM, lo," "I pick BTS, H.O.T, Big Bang, and TWICE," "I think it's definitely Girls' Generation for SM," "BTS, Girls' Generation, Big Bang, Wonder Girls," "SM should be Girls' Generation," and "The build-up to the last photo is crazy, lol."

Which artists do you think represent each of the Big four labels?

Source: Allkpop