TWICE Nayeon Becomes No. 1 Most-vewed Female Idols in 2021

TWICE Nayeon Becomes No. 1 Most-vewed Female Idols in 2021

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TWICE Nayeon's "Alcohol Free Mcountdown Fancam" is now the most-viewed fancam this year among female idols with over 3.3 million views, followed by aespa's Winter and Karina's "Next Level" fancam.

TWICE Nayeon 'Alcohol Free' Fancam Gets More Attention, Highest Number of Views Reached

TWICE Nayeon's remarkable feat has gathered a lot of attention online. ONCE's also expressed their joy about TWICE Nayeon's achievement.

"Nayeon in 1st and Jihyo in 6th *shivers* so TWICE is doing super well against the wishes of antis."

"It's been 7 years since her debut, but it's amazing to see that her popularity is still top tier. Born-to-be-idol Nayeon."

"In the idol industry, fancam views seem like the most accurate indicators - they align exactly with the female idols who are doing well right now. Im Nayeon, congratulations on #1~"

TWICE Nayeon, a lovely fairy in a snowy park.. 'Frozen' Elsa Advent ♥

(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

"Was that Alcohol-Free performance this one? This was really legendary."

"The top 3 most popular among male fans - Nayeon, Winter and Karina - and their fancam rankings are side by side at 1, 2 and 3."

TWICE Nayeon is unfavorably famous for her fun and unconventional energy both on and off the stage. ONCEs also know Nayeon for her pure heart, which she has been showing in more exquisite ways.

TWICE's LINE MUSIC Hits 950,000 Followers

The girl group gets another remarkable achievement!

TWICE has now surpassed 950,000 followers on LINE MUSIC. Because of this, they became the first-ever Korean act to achieve the feat.

Following TWICE is the boy group BTS. which achieved 930,000 followers, and BIGBANG with more than 570,000 followers as of now.


(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

Furthermore, TWICE is also the first Korean Group to exceed 500,000 - 900,000 follower milestones.

LINE MUSIC is among the major and on-demand music streaming platforms in Japan.

Congratulations, TWICE!

TWICE Reveals Video Teaser for Upcoming Japanese Single

Last November 25 (KST), the girl group revealed a Christmas-themed "Image Teaser 1" for their new upcoming Japanese winter single "DOUGHNUT." The teaser video comes along with a background instrumental, and then a timetable schedule is unveiled.

The single's music video teaser will be released on December 1 at 9 PM (KST), meanwhile, the music video will be released on December 3 at midnight, along with its digital start.


(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

The girl group's 9th Japanese ballad single "DOUGHNUT" is set for release on December 15 (KST).

TWICE Set To Hold 4th World Tour, Activities to Begin in December

In other news, TWICE will hold "TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR 'III" at KSPO DOME in Songpa-gu, Seoul for three days starting on December 24 until December 26.

After their performance in Seoul, TWICE will perform in five cities in the United States. It is reported that the girls will hold their concert in Los Angeles on February 16, Oakland on 18th, Dallas on 22nd, Atlanta on 24th, and New York on 26th. Additional concert venues will be revealed soon.

Watch Nayeon's "Alcohol Free" Fancam Here:

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