These K-Pop Stars Once Unfortunely Become Victims Of Scams

These K-Pop Stars Once Unfortunely Become Victims Of Scams

Despite K-Pop idols always striving to make the world a better place through their music and connection with the fans, the world can sometimes be an ugly place with a lot of ugly things happening.

Among them, is con artists scamming people.

While some might think they'd never be facing such situations, it happens a lot more often than you'd think. So much that even K-Pop celebrities, who seem to have a lot of friends and family to protect them, are sometimes victims to scam operations.

Below are K-Pop stars who have dealt with such scenarios before in the past.


It came as quite a shock to everyone that her former manager scammed her. Most of all, Lisa herself was probably shocked the most, as it was known that she trusted him like family.


IU may be a superstar singer-songwriter today, but she actually had quite rough beginnings. In addition to unsuccessful audition attempts, she struggled financially.

She once fell into a trap where an agency promised her a considerable kickstart to her music career if she paid a hefty sum of money.

After paying the money, she discovered a day after that the agency disappeared and the people behind the scam.

SoJin (Girl's Day)

A manager promised the hopes of debuting as an official K-Pop idol at the price of 2 million KRW.

The money was paid for, but the manager fled. Must have been quite a difficult time for SoJin as her parents were also quite displeased to learn what had happened.

But fortunately, SoJin remained strong and pressed on, eventually becoming successful as a member of Girl's Day.


BTS member V once was scammed by a taxi cab driver.

When V and his father eventually found a cab to go visit Big Hit Entertainment, they were charged a total of approximately 32,800 KRW.

V and his father during the time visited Seoul not knowing the roads too well. It turns out that the fee that they were charged was no where near what they should have been charged. They'd been massively overcharged.