The Value Of HYBE’s Stocks Following The Announcement Of BTS’s Enlistment Plans Shocks Netizens

The Value Of HYBE’s Stocks Following The Announcement Of BTS’s Enlistment Plans Shocks Netizens

The announcement was one of the hottest topics in the news!

When it comes to HYBE, it has been very open about its company and the public nature of its business. Recently, the company released information on the state of their stocks following the update on BTS‘s enlistment.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

On October 17, it was announced that Jin had canceled his enlistment delay following years of the government debating the topic of BTS enlisting. Many ARMYs and media praised the idol for taking matters into his own hands.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Yet, although many worried about the state of HYBE after the announcement, as many believe BTS brings a huge amount of money and exposure to the company and South Korea, it seems as if the news has had an unexpected impact on the stocks.

On the morning of October 18, many were surprised to see that HYBE’s shares had increased and were around 4.8% higher than the previous day, trading at ₩121,000 KRW (about $84.20 USD).

HYBE’s shares starting on 18 October

The peak seemed to hit when markets opened

Although the increase might not seem like a lot, it is significant because of the past information from the company. When BTS first announced the “Next Chapter” of their careers, it was shocking to see HYBE’s stocks decrease by 25%.

The stocks when BTS announced their “Next Chapter” earlier in the year

Similarly, K-Pop companies have seen a fall in their stocks in recent months. Even on October 18, while JYP has seen a fall, the rise in stocks for SM Entertainment and YG is minor compared to that of HYBE.

YG Entertainment’s stocks

JYP’s stocks

SM Entertainment stocks

Yet, for many, the reason that HYBE has been able to announce a steady increase in their stocks following the announcement comes from the detail following the news.

Unlike the initial fall following the group’s Festa broadcast, HYBE released a number of plans going forward regarding the statement. Not only did they confirm that the group would come back together as a group in 2025, but they also announced plans for upcoming groups and their commitment to both the Korean and international groups.

| HYBE Corp

| HYBE Corp

At first, many believed it could also have been impacted by LE SSERAFIM‘s comeback, yet several Korean outlets believe the driving force is BTS’s announcement. Yet, despite the plans, even ARMYs were surprised by the news of the rising stock.

Although the news has come as a shock, BTS has proved that their influence is still huge, with more certainty benefiting rather than hindering HYBE’s stocks.

Source: Koreaboo