SMTOWN Live 'Culture Humanity' Concert Garners 35.83M Streams From 186 Countries

SMTOWN Live 'Culture Humanity' Concert Garners 35.83M Streams From 186 Countries

The SMTOWN Live 'Culture Humanity' concert, which was held on January 1, heated up the K-Pop fan community on New Year's Day.

SMTOWN Live Culture Humanity was broadcast free of charge to the world through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms including Naver V LIVE from 1 PM KST on January 1.

The concert recorded about 35.83 million streams in 186 countries. The figure is the highest ever for an online concert in South Korea.

In the opening video of the concert, Lee Soo Man, the executive producer, appeared in person, saying, "Music has no barriers. We can communicate without language, and it can be a great comfort and healing for each person. SM and I are trying to give you that kind of music," he said. "The core of Culture Technology (CT), the foundation of SM's production system, is Humanity. Today's free concert is to celebrate the humanity of SM fans who are with us now. Let's be considerate, humble, and love each other for a better world."

Then, starting with NCT DREAM 'Ridin'', a series of luxury performances took place without a break, including WayV 'Take Off', NCT 127 'Punch', Red Velvet 'Bad Boy' and Pick-A-Boo, Kai 'Mmmh' and 'Reason', Taemin 'Criminal' and 'IDEA:理想', Super Junior-D&E 'Growing Pains', SuperM '100', Baekhyun 'Candy', and Kangta 'Cough Syrup'.

Next are aesoa ‘Black Mamba', NCT DREAM 'Déjà Vu', NCT U 'Make a Wish' and '90's Love', Red Velvet 'Psycho', SuperM 'One (Monster & Infinity)', Taeyeon 'Happy' and 'What Do I Call You', Super Junior 'SUPER CLAP' and '2YA2YAO!', and TVXQ 'The Chance of Love' and "Dream'. The collaboration stages, including Baekhyun 'UN Village' (feat. NCT Mark), Ginjo's 'The Riot' (feat. WayV Ten and Xiaojun), Raiden's 'Yours' (feat. aespa Winter), and Imlay's 'Asteroid' (feat. WayV Yangyang), finished the total of 39 performances.

The concert also drew attention by announcing SHINee's comeback as a whole in 2021.

Taeyeon said, "I could feel how precious it was to hang out with people, and I think it was a year when I spent more time with my family. Although it was uncomfortable and difficult due to COVID-19, non-face-to-face performances became a trend, so I think everyone around the world could see it," U-Know Yunho also said, "I felt precious and fond of ordinary moments that I didn't know when I was there. In 2021, I think I should not forget the importance of mediocrity I learned last year and work harder to appreciate every moment."

At the end of the performance, all the artists decorated the finale with a video of 'Hope' cheering for the New Year. After that, DJs, including Raden, Ginzo, and Lim Ray, presented an exciting EDM performance with a remix of SM artists' hit songs.