SM Firmly Denies Rumors About NCT's Haechan And Johnny + Announces Legal Action

SM Firmly Denies Rumors About NCT's Haechan And Johnny + Announces Legal Action

SM Entertainment has issued a firm denial of the rumors currently circulating about NCT’s Haechan and Johnny.

On June 4, SM Entertainment released an official statement denying rumors that Haechan and Johnny had engaged in sexual activity and drug use with Japanese sex workers. The agency also warned that it would be taking strong legal action against such libel and defamation of character, regardless of the nationality of those spreading the rumors.

SM Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

At present, groundless rumors about Johnny and Haechan regarding prostitution, drugs, and other shocking content that is difficult to even say out loud are currently being spread and reproduced indiscriminately online. After checking, these rumors are completely false, and they are criminal acts that severely defame our artists’ character.

Additionally, false, groundless rumors and malicious libel related to these [rumors] continue to be produced about not only NCT but other artists in our agency, including Kim Heechul.

We have already gathered plenty of evidence regarding many posts related to this, and we will not sit back and watch. Regardless of nationality, we plan to make sure that the perpetrators of these acts will be legally punished, with no settlements or leniency.

We hope that you are aware that all acts of posting malicious content, even at this moment, may be grounds for legal punishment.

Thank you.