K-pop Idols Are Also The Best Online Gamers

K-pop Idols Are Also The Best Online Gamers

Gaming has always been an important part of Korea's youth, and the country even leads in eSports with prodigy gamers like Faker who alone has made millions from his gaming career. Faker is no less than a celebrity in the gaming community, not just in Korea but worldwide.

It is not unnatural for young idols to want to spend their free time playing online games, but some idols have simply taken it to the next level. Games like PUBG, Overwatch, League of Legends, etc. are all popular among idol gamers, and some idols even play with their fans! How lucky must one be to be able to play games with their favorite idol? Here's a list of K-Pop idols that love gaming and are way too good at it too.

1. BTS V/Jin/Jungkook

Bangtan's Taehyung (V) enjoys gaming during his free time and especially when he's playing with his ARMY. He's known to create game rooms for himself and his fans to play together, and there are innumerable clips online of his lovely and quirky interactions with fans over these games. ARMYs will vouch any day for V's skill and technique! Jin and Jungkook too pride themselves on their gaming prowess, with Jungkook having proven the same on a RUN BTS episode about eSports.




2. Super Junior's Heechul

Super Junior's Heechul is a total gaming fanatic, and League of Legends is his favorite game to play. He has even gone against the legendary 2015 SKT T1 Roster with Faker, Easyhoon, Marin, Wolf, Bang, and Bengi!


3. TWICE Mina


The beautiful Mina has been into gaming ever since she was young, and even though her members don't play games, she finds time for herself to play them as a way to relieve the stress from her day.


4. EXO Baekhyun

Baekhyun enjoys gaming a lot, and that is a well-known fact among EXO-Ls worldwide. He prides himself on his skill and often streams gameplay too! He plays a variety of games, but his favorite appears to be League of Legends.


5. MONSTA X Minhyuk

Minhyuk is known to be often engrossed in Overwatch gameplay as it is his favorite game. Not only does he love to play, but he's also excellent at it! He's even seen visiting a PC Café to play the game on MONSTA X-Ray, a variety show of MONSTA X.


6. Day6 Jae

Jae has varied gaming interests, including but not limited to League of Legends and Fortnite. He often plays against fellow bandmate Dowoon as well as Mark from GOT7.


7. APINK Hayoung

Hayoung's gaming skills are no joke, as it was proven once and for all when she went against a fan in Overwatch. The fan had expressed his desire to play with Hayoung, and she not only agreed but also beat the fan. Afterward, they even got to share a meal, so we're sure there were no hard feelings.


8. IZ*ONE Sakura

Sakura from IZ*ONE has often expressed her passion for gaming and plays a huge variety of games like Fortnite. She can play PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch games expertly as well. She's often seen live-streaming her gameplay on her personal Youtube channel.