Red Velvet Irene Names Her BLACKPINK Bias During A Video Call Fansign

Red Velvet Irene Names Her BLACKPINK Bias During A Video Call Fansign

Irene had her bestie in mind!

Recently, a fan in a video call fansign event asked Red Velvet‘s Irene about some of her favorite girl group members, and among them, Irene named her BLACKPINK bias!

BLACKPINK and Red Velvet are two of the top 3rd-gen girl groups, and while they’re not often photographed together, the two groups are known to be close friends.

A fan wanted to know more about the friendships between the two iconic groups, so they played a game with Irene where the fan named a K-Pop group and asked Irene to name her favorite member from the group.

One of the groups the fan named was fellow SM Entertainment girl group aespa. The two groups, Red Velvet and aespa, recently collaborated on a holiday single, “Beautiful Christmas,” which gave them the opportunity to spend more time together.

For aespa, she couldn’t name a favorite member as they’re all adorable to her!

When asked about BLACKPINK, Irene had one member as her bias in mind.

Irene has previously spoken about finding it difficult to become close to people, but a member of BLACKPINK greeted her in a sweet way at a hair salon and quickly worked her way into Irene’s heart.

When asked about BLACKPINK, Irene naturally named her bestie Jennie!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie (left) and Red Velvet’s Irene (right)

The two have an iconic friendship and have even been spotted hanging out overseas!

In 2019, they were famously spotted getting a meal together while in Los Angeles and were hilariously caught adorably “battling” each other for the bill.

Source: Koreaboo