Netizens Defend GOT7 Jay B’s Privacy As His Past Comments Hoping For A Healthy Relationship With Fans Resurface

Netizens Defend GOT7 Jay B’s Privacy As His Past Comments Hoping For A Healthy Relationship With Fans Resurface

Fans express concern for Jay B and PURE.D’s personal life.

GOT7‘s Jay B was recently reported to be dating YouTuber and SFX artist PURE.D. For the most part, fan reactions were very supportive, while some…less so. Netizens saw the need to defend Jay B’s privacy, particularly as his past comments about the relationship he hopes to have with Ahgase were brought up.

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When news broke that Jay B and PURE.D have been dating for nine months, many fans were not only hilariously surprised…

…but they collectively gathered to support both Jay B and PURE.D, which they did rather enthusiastically.

Yet, despite the outpouring of love for the two artists, some Ahgases have been concerned that their privacy and personal life are not being respected enough, particularly since Jay B is known for being a private person who is likely feeling uncomfortable with his relationship being made public.

Ahgases encouraged each other to refrain from making assumptions and to respect his privacy…

…especially since, in the past, Jay B has been open about his desire for a healthy relationship with fans. In his Def.log in 2021, Jay B (who also goes by the artist name Def.) wrote a heartwarming message of encouragement to fans, saying “As much as you’re cheering me on, I’m also cheering you on, so don’t get hurt.” Then, he wrote that he hopes he and Ahgase can provide each other with mutual support while respecting each others’ personal lives.

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Given Jay B’s feelings on privacy and respect, Ahgases are criticizing those who reportedly are violating his privacy by either demanding further information from him or posting negative comments about his relationship. They want to make it clear that Jay B is free to make his own decisions about his personal life and that no one else is entitled to information about it.

Additionally, Ahgases are being supportive after PURE.D was forced to make a clarification regarding rumors that were reportedly spread by an Instagram account that allegedly impersonated her. She said in her statement, It is hurting me and my loved ones. That account is not me, please don’t misunderstand this.”

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Ahgases are showing their support by once again encouraging each other to not make assumptions and be supportive instead…

…claiming that, after all, she is a human being, and therefore inherently deserving of privacy and respect.

Whether Jay B makes a statement regarding his relationship or not, hopefully he sees that the majority of Ahgases are fully supportive of both him and PURE.D, and that his hopes for a healthy relationship with fans are also shared by them!

Source: Koreaboo