GOT7's Youngjae Parts Ways With Sublime Artist Agency

GOT7's Youngjae Parts Ways With Sublime Artist Agency

After three years, GOT7’s Youngjae has parted ways with Sublime Artist Agency.

On April 2, Sublime Artist Agency announced that “after a long discussion with GOT7’s Youngjae,” they had come to a mutual agreement to end his exclusive contract with the agency.

Youngjae first signed with Sublime Artist Agency three years ago, following the expiration of his contract with his longtime agency JYP Entertainment in January 2021.

Sublime Artist Agency’s full statement is as follows:

We would like to convey our deep thanks to the fans who have given GOT7’s Youngjae so much love and interest.

We are letting you know that after a long discussion with GOT7’s Youngjae about his future activities, we mutually agreed to respect one another’s opinions and end his exclusive contract.

We would like to sincerely thank Youngjae, who has been together with us up until now as an artist under our agency. Everyone at Sublime will cherish the time we spent together with Youngjae for a long time, and we look forward to and will cheer on his activities in various fields.

Additionally, we thank the fans who have been a part of Youngjae’s journey. We ask that you continue to give your unchanging interest and encouragement to Youngjae, who is facing a new start.

Thank you.