K-Pop Stars That Absolutely Killed The "Freckle" Make-up

K-Pop Stars That Absolutely Killed The "Freckle" Make-up

K-pop stars and Korean celebrities are absolutely passionate when it comes to make-up, whether it be a guy or a girl.

I's always the extra touch that makes the concept of a performance or an album 100% complete. Throughout the past few years, we've definitely seen unique make-up concepts successfully executed by k-pop stars.

There is one make-up concept that's difficult for Koreans, and that is freckle make-up! Koreans aren't prone to getting freckles as much as other ethnicities, especially at a younger age. It isn't completely impossible, but it's definitely rarer to see compared to Westerners. That doesn't stop k-pop stars from trying to achieve a freckled look -- some k-pop stars have successfully put on freckle make-up, and it's so subtle that you wouldn't even have noticed it was for the stage!

Today, we'll be checking out some stars who completely rocked the freckled look - you would almost wish it was something that happens more regularly! So let's check them out -- and make sure to let us know who your favorite was!


TXT Soobin

IVE An Yujin

SHINee Key


The Boyz Q

WEKI MEKI Kim Doyeon

ASTRO Yoon San Ha

For many, freckles can be complex, but they used it to their advantage! They just suit so well with this freckle look, and we are so curious about how they just pull it off so well!

Source: Allkpop