How BLACKPINK’s Rosé Manages To Look Expensive AF In Everything — 5 Tips From A Stylist

How BLACKPINK’s Rosé Manages To Look Expensive AF In Everything — 5 Tips From A Stylist

Rosé, the It Girl.

It’s not all about the price tag sometimes, although it does help when the price translates to high quality. BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has impeccable fashion taste, one that perfectly suits her personality and body. Fashion YouTuber and stylist, a jewel in the COOKME takes apart the key points of Rosé’s fashion, both on and off duty. Here are the 5 tips we have gleaned from the informative video.

1. Mixing high and low fashion.

As COOKME very aptly states in her video, Rosé loves to combine affordable pieces with luxury items, presenting an overall vibe that is both modern and composed, yet not opulent and burdensome to the eye.

In the iconic Rosé Coachella snaps the singer herself uploaded onto her Instagram, she’s seen sporting a ruched tie-dye minidress, combat boots and a cute leather backpack. What’s interesting to note is that while the backpack is a $1,499 piece from Chloe and her shoes are $1,850 from VETEMENTS, her dress is only $36.21 from a local Korean brand, Hypnotic.

2. Bring focus to your best features.

Rosé favors basic items from H&M and TOPSHOP such as cardigans and strappy sleeveless tops, and often sports crop tops to highlight one of her best features, her ant-waist. Pairing that with loose, casual slacks or sweatpants, Rosé flawlessly embodies girlish-casual.

COOKME also points out that the star is adept at showing off her slender figure, such as sleeveless or square-neck tops that highlight the collarbone. In an airport snap, she’s seen pairing a $10 top from H&M with $237 Alexander Wang jeans.

3. Taking things up a notch on stage.

Of course, the pretty girl looks great both dressed down and up – we’re in love with her onstage styling as well! Compared to her casual ensembles offstage, Rosé goes all out glam and girly for her public appearances. She seems to like For Love and Lemons‘ pieces a lot, and we can’t blame her! The brand’s ethereal style is perfect for a fairy princess like Rosé! Both the stunning Roséchella black co-ord and the angelic lemon yellow maxi dress from her concert solo stage came from the brand.

4. It’s all in the details!

Rosé can be seen adding in small fashion details to her outfit that really brings the entire look together. She added a tiny printed scarf to the handle of her hobo bag, giving it an extra oomf.

5. Accessorize! But make is classy.

Rosé doesn’t often often make use of accessories as compared to the other members but she when she does, she keeps it simple and elegant. The tiny initial pendant from Maje is one of the pieces she’s worn multiple times, in addition to her Cartier Juste un Clou ring. Fun fact, Lisa has a matching necklace as well. Perhaps they got them together?

Rosé loves wearing the initial pendant, be it on or offstage. She also can be seen pairing it as a layered set with other necklaces. She also has a horoscope design necklace from the same brand!

Her BFF, Lisa, has a matching necklace set as well but in “L’ and Aries instead.

While we may not all have Rosé’s angelic looks or tiny waist, these tips are some that are able to carry just about anyone! Focus on your strong features and toss things up a little sometimes with mix and matching or style changes, and remember to adapt things to your own style. Watch the full video for the visuals here.

Source: Koreaboo