Here’s The Evolution Of BTS’s V From Debut To Now

Here’s The Evolution Of BTS’s V From Debut To Now

He grew up so well!

The BTS‘s V of today is a cool and charismatic professional idol. However, the complex journey to success was full of tons of amazing memories that ARMYs will treasure forever. Check out the evolution of V throughout the years from debuting as an adorable boy to making history as an inspiring man!

1. 2013

V debuted at only 17 years old (internationally). His baby-faced visuals made him an instant stan attractor!

2. 2014

In the following year, V began to show more of his charisma with tough concepts like “Boy In Luv” and “War of Hormone.”

3. 2015

Turning the international age of 20, V was ready to prove how manly and cool he had become!

4. 2016

As BTS began to receive more and more global recognition, V showed off more of his sexy side in WINGS.

5. 2017

Bandana Tae and beret Tae? What a year!

6. 2018

2018 let V shine with the release of “Singularity,” the intro track for Love Yourself: Tear.

7. 2019

V showed off a variety of cool looks in 2019, from the suits of various award ceremonies to the iconic blue hair of “Boy With Luv.”

8. 2020

2020 introduced a new flavor of edgy V with his longer hair and ARMYs lived for every moment of it!

9. 2021

The V of today is mature, charismatic, and constantly going viral for his model-like visuals!